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Nilachal Saraswat Sangha,Puri



his is the mouthpiece of Neelachal Saraswat Sangh, Puri (registration # 7391/390 of 1973-74) published in oriya language.

2. It is published quarterly starting from Shravan purnima, Kartika Purnima, Magha purnima and Vaishakha purnima.

3. Articles other than the life & gospels of Shri Shri Thakur Nigamanand Paramhans Dev, discussions about the Sanatan Philosophy are not being published in the editions.

4. The articles would be published under the sole discression of the editor. Author's names would not be published.

5. The publication starts from Shravan purnima. Members are requested to send their membership pranami two months before the commencement of the publication.

6. Pranami (membership fee) for 'The Sangha Sevak' is Rs.60.00 (rupees sixty only). Members have to take all four editions. Individual editions are not sold separately.

7. Normally the magazine is sent by book-post. Members are required to complain about the delay in receiving any edition along with the acknowledgement from their local postoffice. In case the delay occures frequently, the magazine would be sent by registered post and the respective member would have to bear the additional cost.

8. It is convenient to send the membership Prranami (fees) by money orders. On the money order coupon, please do mention your membership number. New-members, please do mention clearly "New-Member" on the money order coupon.

9. While communicating, members are required to mention their membership number, name, name of the NSS branch nearby, and the postal pincode. Any change in the postal address should be informed to the NSS office well before time.