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Nilachal Saraswat Sangha,Puri

Bhakta Sammilani






Spirituality is the beginning and the end word of the Indian civilization.  This civilization has grown, thrived and continues to thrive on spirituality based on Sanatan Dharma. The annual 'Bhakta Sammilani' or the 'Convention of Devotees' organized by Nilachal Saraswat Sangha, Puri, in different parts of India, is an institution for the true pursuance and enrichment of the principle Sanatan Dharma.  The innovative and non-sectarian concept was of, one of the brightest sages of India, Srimat Swami Nigamananda Saraswati Deva, which took shape as early as in 1916 A.D. with the view to transfuse 'Prana-shakti' or 'life-force' in society and revive its spiritual vigor.  It's unique in that the Bhakta Sammilani is conceptualized as an institution where the essence of Sanatan Dharma is actually 'practised' and not 'preached'.  Swami Nigamananda Deva had envisioned it as a 'practice field' for building true Sevaks of humanity. 

The first ever Bhakta Sammilani (Sarbabhauma) was started by Srimat Swami Nigamananda Saraswati Dev in 1916 A. D. at the 'Kokilamukh Saraswat Math' in Assam which was established by Sri Sri Thakura himself  in 1911.  Since then, the 'Sarvabhauma Bhakta Sammilani' is being held by the ' Saraswat Math' and the 'Utkal Pradeshik Bhakta Sammilani' (since 1947) is held by the Nilachal Saraswat Sangha in different places of India and Orissa, respectively. It has taken shape of a silent spiritual movement, as envisioned by the sadguru himself, bringing together people from all walks and beliefs in an unprecedented experience of expansion of 'individual self' in 'many'. The true nature of Sammilani is summarized in these words of Sri Sri Thakura - "Bhakta Sammilani is a personification of evolution of collective feeling of the devotees.  Here, 'bhav' (divine feeling) of one individual completes the 'a-bhav' of another. I intend to bestow on you absolute Joyfulness; the Sammilani is instituted with this objective alone.  I wish, the spirits of universal brotherhood be established in the hearts of my disciples and devotees; and subsequently, find its expression in the whole of the human beings. There hasn't been an effort like this, earlier, in our country to organize such Spiritual Conventions." Here, in the Sammilani the individual 'ego' cannot help losing out in the expanse of the 'collective self' .   

 From the analysis of their works, it's can be inferred that, the great souls who had appeared in the 19th century India; focused on inspiring patriotism in people by awakening them spiritually. Likewise, Sadguru Swami Nigamananda Deva had sought to awaken and inspire the people en mass through combined sadhana by directing them to lead an ideal family life and to establish Sangha-shakti. Thereby, he sought to awaken and strengthen a society from within wherefrom would emerge true Sevaks of peoples with humane outlook. We are yet to learn the skills of employing Sangha-shakti or collective-power or team-power in enriching the larger society in our country. Sri Sri Thakura has shown the way to follow with the help of these Bhakta Sammilanis. Learning to utilize the power of 'sangha' or 'team' is another principal objective of the Bhakta Sammilani.

 In every Age, a society needs ideal human beings for its actual progress. Everywhere in the world the absence of true human beings is continued to be felt across the spiritual, social or political spheres.  For the complete awakening of the society and the country as a whole Swami Nigamananda Deva had instituted this 'Sammilani' of devotees or enthusiasts for the reinforcement of the ideals of: Ideal Family Life, Establishment of Sangha-shakti and Bhav-binimaya (Right Communication of ) amongst the people.  His Ideal of spiritual progress, that's "Attaining Jnana or true knowledge through Seva or service" is practiced in the arena of the Bhakta Sammilani in many ways than not.

 The Bhakta Sammilani achieves the great objective of instilling an unmatched feeling of togetherness while helping all in inner-progress with the support from each other.