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Nilachal Saraswat Sangha,Puri

Social Initiatives



In pursuance of the ideal of Srimat Swami Nigamananda - 'Shiva Jnane Jeeva Seva' that's 'rendering services to the suffering fellow beings knowing them to be God manifest'; Nilachal Saraswata Sangha and its branches in India and abroad undertake various Social Initiatives contributing to the community life in many different ways. Thereby, it helps create an opportunity for living up the ideal of 'extension of the individual Self (kshyudra) to a larger, extended Self (Virat) of the Brahma, which he has expressed as "Ahamtva ra prasara".

The member-sevaks of NSS and its branches in India and abroad have always been quick to stand by the suffering people - disaster struck or otherwise- in a number of ways. touching their hearts and winning their blessing. Especially, volunteering in relief distributions during natural disasters, provision of healthcare and provision of food, water and medical-aids to congregating people during mass festivals like Rath Yatra and various other occasions, plantation drives; has been the mainstay of this activity.

Besides, people, especially, in rural Orissa benefit to a great extent in terms of basic civic infrastructures like roads and drinking water supply as a windfall from the Bhakta Sammilanis held in their localities. Thousands of devotees congregate at such Spiritual Conventions from different parts of India where arrangements of such infrastructures are a pre-requisite.


Nilachal Saraswata Sangha, is a registered body under the Societies Registration Act of India. The Sangha is managed by a registered By-Law of its own. All Contributions by the members-devotees and charitable individuals are exempted of Income Tax by Section 80 (G) of Indian Income Tax of 1968.


Govinda Dwadashi - 2009


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