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Nilachal Saraswat Sangha,Puri

Mahila Sangha



Swami Nigamanand had founded the Nilachal Saraswat Sangha, with a vision to restore the wisdom and principles of the ancient Rishi Yug in the society through the establishment of ideal family life, wherein he had envisioned woman as a significant and inseparable part of the process. He had rendered his affirmation for the establishment of Sanghas for his women followers and accordingly, the first ever Mahila (woman) Sangha in Orissa started functioning in the year 1948. 

As a departure from the trends of his times, Swami Nigamanand didn't see women as detriments in the path of spirituality. In stead, he had guided them to rely on their natural instincts of 'love and affection' to reach the apex state of universal motherliness i.e. the spirits of the Cosmic Mother. He had dedicated an entire session of the annual Bhakta Sammilani (convention of his devotees) in favour of his Mahila devotees beginning in the year 1930.

In one of his empirical volumes 'Tantrik Guru', Swami Nigamanand has  stated, -" It is not in the command of Jeeva (/man) to keep itself away from the attraction of women by spite or by any other means. Conversely, it is seen that, a 'baby boy' for that matter can keep woman in his command. A woman would worry herself to no ends for the all-round happiness of the baby. She would forget the world around her holding the baby boy in her bosom, enveloped with the sense of motherliness." 

Swami Nigamanand has blessed his women followers as this –" Maa! Fill your heart with the sense of motherliness. Womanliness is devil's scraps. I bless you that - you be established and then mingle, forever, in that glorious state of universal motherliness."

At present, more than 60 Mahila Sakha Sanghas are there in Orissa and outside where thousands of women followers have devoted themselves for the fulfillment of the ideals envisaged by Sri Sri Thakura.

Mahila Parichalana Mandali -  A central body of Mahila Sangha of NSS guides and supervises the functioning of all its branch Sanghas.

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