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Nilachal Saraswat Sangha,Puri




Srimat Swami Nigamananda Saraswati Dev (1880 A.D. – 1935 A.D.) had written 5 books which can prove invaluable for any seeker in the path of spirituality from any religious community of the world.

Upon his return to society after Siddhi around 1904 A.D., Swami Nigamananda Dev, barely 24 years of age then, witnessed that people were lacking in inner strength and confidence to be of any help to the society and the nation. In addition, they lack in effort, courage, principle and patience to go for any Sandhana for self development of any kind. Even, the educated lot in the then society nurtured distorted notions about their great and magnificent 'Sanatana Hindu Dharma'. Therefore, he took upon the task of spreading the wonderful principles of Sanatana Dharma, thereby; weeding out the misconception of people about it. With a desire to educate and make people aware of their true needs Swami Nigamananda wrote 5 priceless books to begin with:  'Brahmacharya Sadhan', 'Yogi Guru', 'Jnani Guru', 'Tantrika Guru' and 'Premika Guru', in quick successions. 'Maayer Kripa', 'Vedanta Vivek' and 'Tattvamala' are another great contributions of his to the spiritual world.

Swami Nigamananda had himself said to his disciples, that " …These five books are the quintessence of all the scriptures of worth found in Hindu Dharma. One doesn't have to churn the enormous ocean of Hindu scriptures, if he possesses these five books with him. Herein, exist the fundamental principles of Sanatana Dharma on Chitta-shuddhi, Yoga, Jnana, Karma, and Bhakti. "

Besides, Swami Nigamananda had written volumes on Spirituality, Vedanta philosophy and various other aspects of Sanatana Dharma in 'Arya Darpana' (1908 A.D), a hugely appreciated spiritual monthly magazine  in Bengali published and edited by him initially.



Brahmachariyasadhan  Brahmacharya Sadhana (Odiya)
Principled living for preparing Mind-Body-Spirit to attain higher realisations
Jnaniguru  Jnaniguru (Odiya)
Insight on the spiritual path based on knowledge (Jnana)
Premikaguru  Premikaguru (Odiya)
Treatise on the mystical path of Prema Sadhana
Tantrikguru Tantrikguru (Odiya)
Insight on  'Tantra' as means to spiritual attainment
Yogiguru Yogiguru (Odiya)
Everything about the spiritual implication of Yoga and more.