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Nilachal Saraswat Sangha,Puri



Srimat Swami Nigamananda Saraswati Dev had espoused the essence of the all-inclusive Sanatan Dharma in his ideological as well as methodological maxim " 'Shankarer Mata' and 'Gouranger Patha' ". It speaks of a harmonious blending of highest enlightenment (Jnana) and universal love (Bhakti).

Attaining Jnana (Atma jnana) through Bhakti (devotion/seva) is the integrated ideal that has been reinforced by Swami Nigamananda Dev for the seeker in this age. 'Jeeva - the individual soul, is Brahma - the Supreme Soul' or "Aham Brahmāsmi" - this Vedantic doctrine of the 8th century spiritual reformist Sri Sri Adi Shankaracharya is what a man on the path of spirituality needs to realize to know himself and to know God. And according to him, the royal road to attaining this ultimate spiritual goal is the path of devotion adopted by Sri Chaitanya Dev, the 16th century avatara of devotion.

In the view of Swami Nigamananda Dev, Seva-brata or adoption to a life of 'service to mankind' is the greatest Dharma of human beings. And, this Dharma is truly pursued by the integration of 'Jnana' and 'Bhakti'/'Seva' or in other words with the integration of "Shankarer Mata" and "Gouranger Patha". The perfect path to attain complete Knowledge or Purna Jnana is to attain Chitta-shuddhi (a cleansed Mind) through 'Seva' or service to mankind. He calls it the path of Sri Gauranga. So, he says a seeker's aim should be - "Ahamtva ra Prasara" or "spreading of one's Self" in the 'self' of the entire humanity. One has to learn to empathize and give priority to serve the cause of others. First, he/she is to practice this in the family and thereafter, spread this attitude gradually in the community, in the larger society and ultimately throughout mankind. This way one can experience one's presence in every being.

With a view to establish universal brotherhood basing on the above ideological line, Swami Nigamananda Dev had set before himself three objectives, namely, (i) propagation of ‘Sanatana Dharma’ (Vedic/Eternal knowledge of spiritual living), (ii) dissemination of ‘Sat Sikshya’ (right education that enables development of an integrated personality conducive for spiritual development), and (iii) service to all living beings deeming it as service rendered to the Supreme Being. In order to realize these objectives he enjoined upon his devotees to

  1. lead Adarsha Grihastha Jeevan (an ideally virtuous family life)
  2. walk together on the path of spirituality establishing Sangha Shakti (power of spiritual associations) and,
  3. have Bhava Binimaya (commune with each other for mutual exchange of spiritual ideas and experiences).


In his opinion a liberated soul is the right person to serve the mankind in the right perspective.

He has instructed his followers to strive to become ‘ideal human beings , first , by self-development (Atmagathan) so as to reach the ultimate spiritual goal as a matter of course. He looked forward to the dawn of the golden age of ancient times (Rishi Yug) in our society and urged his followers to make sincere and concerted efforts towards this end through ‘Sangha Sadhana’.