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Nilachal Saraswat Sangha,Puri

Kumari Sangha



Kumari Sangha, or the Sangha for young girls from the families of NSS member-devotees, is a smaller edition of the Nilachala Saraswata  Mahila Sangha. Kumari Sangha has been conceptualized for imbibing the young minds with the ideals of Sri Sri Thakura who envisioned a strong and enriched society through establishment of Ideal Family lives. To inspire the impressive minds with greater human values of tolerance, personal discipline, cooperation, sacrifice, truthfulness, compassion etc. which would stand them in good stead in developing into ideal homemakers, ideal mothers and above all, ideal sevikas or service-providers to the family members as well as people in need. They are to be the inspiration for other girls to follow suit.

Adolescence is the most suitable stage for acquire learning. In ancient times sons were sent to Gurukuls to receive the learning of their lives from jnanasiddha Gurus. They, usually, came back suitably groomed to live a principled and quality life in society, thereby, contributing to its enrichment, too.  Young girls, who would provide spine to family-lives in future, need to be inspired with such higher ideals which, ultimately, can positively impact a society.

Kumari Sangha was, first, started in the year 1979. The young members are suggested to follow a Dina-lipi (a carefully planned daily-life itinerary) for ensuring a principled and disciplined living based on Niyam Panchak & Dasa Sheela.

At present, Kumari Sanghas are functioning in NSS branches of Rourkela, Anugul, Asureshwar, Jagatsinghpur, Baleswar, Talcher, Nimapada etc in Orissa.